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Joel & Alina are the directors and teachers of Tangomanchester, an organisation which has played a decisive role in popularising Tango in the Manchester area and which introduced modern dance Techniques to the Northwest. The technique taught is cutting edge to dance Tango, in particular in its more traditional close-embrace form.

Joel started studying Tango ten years ago, after being for many years an enthusiastic Salsa dancer.  Very quickly, Tango became his main passion, which he vigorously pursued by traveling intensively to study with the best Maestros worldwide, including regular trips to Buenos Aires.  In 2002, he founded TangoManchester. He brought to Manchester the Tango Nuevo technique, notably the sophisticated technique of Pablo and Dana.

 Alina came to the world of Tango from a musical background. Her classical training as a professional pianist helped her appreciate the subtelties of Tango Music and enhance her interpretation of the dance rapidly.  She started Tango with Joel in 2005, and then became his partner in dancing and teaching. In July 2009 they got married. Together they travel extensively to keep up with the latest developments in Tango evolution. Among their most inspiring teachers with whom they have extensively studied are Dana, Pablo, Chicho Frumboli, Gustavo Naveira, Sebastian & Mariana, Fabian Salas. They are currently the UK leading experts in the modern and evolving tango technique and teaching methods of the prestigious DNI Tango school  which they visit for intensive training on an annual basis in Buenos Aires.



Their weekly classes (and milongas) are among the most attended and appreciated and attract people from beyond Manchester. The techniques they teach emphasise functionality, naturalness, dynamics and playfulness, and are designed to allow the dancers to effectively master and enjoy all 'styles' of this dance merging them with fluidity.